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Klostergården Brewery

Kjersti and Peter´s Island farm, the birth place for a heritage grain, blessed by the climate of a Norwegian fjord, is forged by the fires of Roar´s traditional malt house, an ancient process almost extinct, it is then fermented, brewed and matured by Jørn to a crafted beer of distinction… a taste of Tautra to savour.
Klostergården Brewery

Kjersti Brustad and Peter Dahlbom travelled extensively before returning to their roots to continue as the 6th generation of mixed livestock and arable farmers on the beautiful island of Tautra.

  • Kjersti and Peter on their farm in Tautra
  • 6-row Barley grown on "Tautra Mellem" farm

Their appreciation for the healthy coastal climate and mineral rich soils has produced prime quality, Tautra reared, heritage breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs.

The bountiful harvest and overall produce is testament to the passion and dedication of Kjersti and Peter, they have complimented the scenic Island of Tautra and ensured that both wildlife and traditional farming values are in harmony with each other.

  • Roar Sandodden selecting grains
  • Heritage barley

More recently they have started to grow `Domen´ or `Cathedral´ in English, which is a well known Norwegian heritage variety of Barley that compliments their fields of rye, oats and peas.

The old barn and storage area
6-row and the Tautra bridge
Farm life and autumn days

The ancient journey begins here, upon this signature soil, a grain for malting is born.

Malt House

A rural malt house with a vintage character, steeped in tradition and at one with nature.

A traditional Såinnhus in Stjørdal

Roar Sandodden supplies craft malt to Klostergården and other regional brewers such is the quality and integrity of his methods.

The unique `såinn´ drying technique is thought to have been inherited by the Vikings from the Celts.

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  • Roar Sandodden - Traditional maltster
  • Late afternoon at the malt house

Jørn Gunnarson Andersen started Klostergården craft brewery which is also located on the Island of Tautra. The Island is connected to the mainland by a long bridge to protect the habitat from small predators and is a short one-and-a-half-hour drive from Trondheim. 

Klostergården brewery

Monks established a monastery here in 1207 due to the climate and fertility of the land.

The original farm at Klostergården has been in the family since the 1800´s. In 1994 the family inspired by the beauty and history of their surroundings began a restaurant, accommodation, and shop that now also compliments the brewery and distillery.

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The tasting house and outside seating
Local produce, on tap
Ensuring perfection from the tap

Jørn in cooperation with Roar in 2014 was awarded specialty brand for Alstadberger – a Stjørdalsøl.

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Roar and Jørn have crafted a beer with an ancient brewing tradition, incorporating the smoke-dried malt produced in Roar´s Såinnhus.

Mail: post@klostergardentautra.no

Tlf. Klostergården: 74 80 85 33/918 53 585

Tlf. Bryggeri/Jørn: 930 27 055