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Since 2014, the Craft Malt Cooperative/Norsk Håndverksmalt has been developing alliances with regional actors in the growing, handling, malting and brewing industries. We have worked closely with Innovation Norway in identifying the correct course of action with regards to developing the opportunity for producing high-grade quality malt for the food and beverage industry.

The main objectives of the Cooperative will be to establish a working platform for the development of a range of malteries in the region.

The Cooperative will serve the obvious task of distributing consistent, high-quality malt. In order to achieve this goal in the Nordics, the overall aim of the malt Cooperative will be defined in broader terms and link through all aspects of the VALUE CHAIN and therefore, the malt Cooperative will serve several aims:

  1. Produce high quality malt from locally or regionally produced crops.
  2. Function as a teaching environment where bakers, brewers, farmers, and new maltsters can get hands-on experience with malting.
  3. Function as a democratic and open knowledge base between the public, research groups, food specialists, brewers, maltsters and grain growers, where:
    • the Cooperative works as a common ‘learning space’
    • all relevant experience benefits both growers, maltsters, brewers and bakers
    • knowledge is put into practice both in the field, malt house and brewery

The Cooperative will have members, and those members will have a direct say in how the Cooperative develops, the products and services the Cooperative sells, and the prices that are charged. They can do this by way of their voting power and control over the Cooperatives Board of Directors.


Norsk Håndverksmalt will be the key Nordic provider of consistently crafted specialty malts for the foods and beverages industries.


Developing and supporting the local grain farmers and craft maltsters, through product sales and purchasing, educational outreach, best practices in production, grain handling routines and certification of the members and their crafted malt qualities through a democratic and open environment.


Consistent, quality, sustainable and certified