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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (08.16)

This will be a short update, as we are busy with our harvests and field data.

This is soon to be the harvest month (Høst). We have been working closely with Norsk Landbruksrådgiving to ensure we start to harvest our trials and prepare to collect the varieties selected for analysis in the first days in September.

I have been on the road this month and have been lucky enough to meet many of the brewers and also to sample the quality of the craft beers in Norway. Spending sometime at the Trøndersk Matfestival og Bryggerifestivalen at the beginning of the month was a great experience.

There are many festivals this time of year and the country has seen a growth in the number of brewers represented. This year has seen the rise of Norwegian Ales, with the promotion of local ingredients and unique qualities that will help boost the interest from the consumer and the brewers working with new recipes.

Significant local beers include Klostergården´s, Alstadberger and the newly released Høst from Nøgne and of course Østlandets Gull from Hansa Borg. There are many more Norwegian beers brewed in traditional farm breweries, but they have a limited access to the markets (at this time).

We have now harvested our field trials in Drammen and Skollenborg and will harvest Ringerike (Haug) later today (6th September).

Norwegian Beer festivals

With the boom (growth) in craft beers and the increased demand in the ability for the consumer to connect with the brands and new products, the rise in beer festivals has almost matched the growth in Craft breweries!

The Trøndersk Matfestival og Bryggerifetivalen (see logo) in Trondheim (4-6 August, 2016) is a great example of how the combination of promoting local foods and ingredients combines with the qualities of craft beers.

The notable festivals in Norway are:

Norwegian food and beer festivals 2016

Source – http://www.ol-akademiet.no/festival/

Field trials – 2016

With the arrival of Autumn (Høst), comes the harvest and the opportunity for us to review the quality and yields of this year’s trials.

All sites are healthy and we expect good results with our various tests on the grain and malting capacities of each variety.

We have now harvested our sites in Drammen and Skollenborg with harvesting to be completed in Ringerike later today (06.09.16).

The harvesting has gone well with little to no issues at the sites.

We have been lucky with this weeks weather and have had dry conditions allowing all grains to reach a low moisture level, ensuring a stable grain to store for the dormancy period.

Great to have the opportunity to see the new harvester in action! This will help all future trials for reintroducing Malt Barley varieties to Norway!

We are now looking forward to analyzing the grain and testing the final malting and brewing qualities.  We will keep you updated as the final results are published later this year!

Final Notes

If you are a grower and would like to get in contact for next years trials and growing for production, please feel free to contact Halfdan Svalheim – halfdan.svalheim@handverksmalt.no and also don´t forget to use the online guide for your own reviewing of your crops.

We would also like to hear back from anyone who is growing varieties this year, that can be malted. If you are a grower, please contact us directly.

If you would like to link to this project and help in any way we warmly welcome your advice, knowledge and future inputs. Please find us at www.handverksmalt.no