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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (05.16)

As they say, “better late then never”!

We have a demanding few months ahead and a lot of travelling for the team. Our field trials for 2016 have started well and the weather has been incredible for the last month. Warm sunny days and some outbreaks of rain to help keep the grain growing quickly.

We are also now finalising our network and community of grain specialists, research institutes and educational bodies to help support the future of malting quality grains here in Norway. There are many valuable programs running regionally and we look forward to working together in the next years.

Field Trials 2016

All fields were sown early in May (5th – 9th). The fields were a combination of conventional and organic production methods, and were all in one region (Buskerud).

We have sown a total of 8 varieties, this includes; Cresendo, Vanilla, Eifel, Explorer, C11-0331 (new variety), Marigold, Barke and Fairytale. For organic we have 6 varieties, some of the same as for conventional, but Domen and SC44801 (new) are also included.

Ringerike - June 2016
Ringerike – June 2016

We have seen a promising start from these trials and will keep detailed data on the growth and production characteristics of these varieties.

As usual all data will be shared at the end of the trials, through our annual report.

Network/Community meeting

Working together to help redevelop the mating grain industry in Norway is a key aspect in our approach. There are many valuable industry specialists all working hard to improve the varieties selected, the laboratory facilities for analysis and the educational outreach for the growers, handlers, maltsters and brewers.

We hope that with time this community will provide a robust infrastructure/platform for the continued growth in interest and production of the Norwegian Malt industry.

The meeting was attended by representatives of NIBIO, NMBU, Norsk Landbruksrådgiving, Fylkesmannen and Norsk Håndverksmalt.

Our agenda for the day was centred around the field trial results from 2015 and considering how we can provide better solutions for analysing the grain in Norway.

We also discussed the Operating relationships between our organisations, outlining specific competencies that can be assigned for each partner:

  1. Analysis and quality testing – NMBU
  2. Research and development – NIBIO
  3. Development of the farming community and training – Norsk Landbruksrådgiving

We look forward to reviewing these relationships with time and will also try to combine funding strategies to increase the reach of this network.

Final Notes

We hope our good weather continues and are now running between our fields monitoring the performance of these new specialised varieties. If you are a grower and would like to come and see the trials please feel free to contact Halfdan Svalheim – halfdan.svalheim@handverksmalt.no and also don´t forget to use the online guide for your own reviewing of your crops.

We would also like to hear back from anyone who is growing varieties this year, that can be malted. If you are a grower, please contact us directly.

If you would like to link to this project and help in anyway we warmly welcome your advice, knowledge and future inputs. Please find us at www.handverksmalt.no

God Sommer!