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Norsk Handverksmalt – Update (12.15)

Seasons greetings to you all! We wish you and your families all the best wishes for 2016!

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As we have been busy evaluating the results from the field trials and also planning for our activities in 2016, this update will be short, but nevertheless informative.


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Norsk Handverksmalt – Update (11.15)

Again a busy month! November and December have been devoted to developing the growers guide, and forum for the website. We will also launch our first collaboration with Søndre Gård, Alstadberg Tradisjonsbryggeri (Stjørdal Malt) and Kolstergården Bryggeri with our first “field to glass” story!

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Norsk Handverksmalt – Update (10.15)

Another busy month travelling throughout Norway to promote the opportunity of growing malting quality grains and advising on the requirements on these growers with regards to quality, storage and actual specifications.

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Norsk Handverksmalt – Update (08.15)

This last week has seen heavy down pours and colder temperatures move into Norway. We are fast approaching the end of this short summer, but we are confident that 2015 will produce interesting results from the planted grain on the field trial sites and through other Malt enthusiasts around the country.

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Norsk Handverksmalt – Update (07.15)

Wow… what a busy month to try and summarize to you all! Anyway, here it goes, we will continue to publish all of our monthly development updates and field trial blogs through this page. So please keep on following our progress as well as adding comments to our various projects.

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Norsk Handverksmalt – Update (06.15)

Continuing from the theme of last months update. The weather again has remained wet and colder then usual. We have had (Oslo region) 15 rain filled days this month with an average of 84.2mm of rainfall for this month.

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Norsk Handverksmalt – Update (05.15)

After a wet start to the growing season and many long down pours of rain interrupting our start to the field trials we are now finally planted, with seeds in the ground in Køngsberg, Åmot and Hamar. The soil temperatures have remained cold, so germination has been slow.

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Sowing the Fields

The field trials started on the 18th of May in Skollenborg. The weather and ground temperatures were warm enough for us to plant all varieties in the test.

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