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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (11.16)

With the winter now upon us, we are turning to company admin and discussions with suppliers and logistic support.


We have decided to reduce the blog to a quarterly update, starting from January 2017. This will then allow us to provide the network and community with detailed updates that are more concise and directed towards final production needs of our first malt house.

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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (09.16)

Our progress in September has been significant, progressive and needing all of our attention.

We are concentrating on developing our first malt house and are currently evaluating a model for “increased production”, to support the demand proposed by many of the brewers in the Nordics. With this increased production model we would be able to produce a wide range of local Norwegian malts with greater efficiency and at a more competitive price point.

Of course, reintroducing malting quality grains and malt to Norway has a significant cost, so with time we hope to see the product become more competitive both in quality and price.

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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (08.16)

This will be a short update, as we are busy with our harvests and field data.

This is soon to be the harvest month (Høst). We have been working closely with Norsk Landbruksrådgiving to ensure we start to harvest our trials and prepare to collect the varieties selected for analysis in the first days in September.

I have been on the road this month and have been lucky enough to meet many of the brewers and also to sample the quality of the craft beers in Norway. Spending sometime at the Trøndersk Matfestival og Bryggerifestivalen at the beginning of the month was a great experience.

There are many festivals this time of year and the country has seen a growth in the number of brewers represented. This year has seen the rise of Norwegian Ales, with the promotion of local ingredients and unique qualities that will help boost the interest from the consumer and the brewers working with new recipes.

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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (07.16)

July is a quiet month and we are running bi-monthly observations on all three growing sites.

All the varieties are developing in a good way, they are healthy, and “head maturing” is on the way. It was very interesting to observe differences in the sowed varieties – speed of development, height, even the colour of leaves. We observed also how genetically resistant varieties works against some diseases. The weather has been quite unstable so far, we will see what August brings!

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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (06.16)

With many starting the “Summer holidays” in Norway this is usually a quiet month on the farms. The weather has remained to be kind for our needs and even though we have had very many wet days last week, it seems as though we have had enough sunny spells to dry off the grain.

We are in the process of evaluating the demand for Norwegian Malt and wanted to receive feedback from the locally breweries on their annual purchasing requirements of Norwegian Malt. In the next few weeks, we hope to have more feedback (if you have received an email from us, please reply as soon as you can).

In this update we will look at the demand for new varieties in grain for malting. Specifically, to consider the importance of breeding and developing varieties that can suit the needs of the craft brewer.

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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (05.16)

As they say, “better late then never”!

We have a demanding few months ahead and a lot of travelling for the team. Our field trials for 2016 have started well and the weather has been incredible for the last month. Warm sunny days and some outbreaks of rain to help keep the grain growing quickly.

We are also now finalising our network and community of grain specialists, research institutes and educational bodies to help support the future of malting quality grains here in Norway. There are many valuable programs running regionally and we look forward to working together in the next years.

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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (04.16)

With a changeable weather system close to us here in Norway, we have seen warm spring days and cold wintery blusters mixed up throughout the month of April! Not sure if we have the chance, but next week we hope to have our fields sowed for this year’s trials.

We are also finalising our report on the field trials from last summer and will have a copy released later this month.

This update will look at the malting supply, process and system design that we are using for our malt houses in Norway and regionally.

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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (03.16)

With the fast approaching spring of 2016 nearly here, we are now planning for the next round of field trials and the varieties we hope to test. There are many regions that would be suitable for testing these trials and we hope that we can make sure we provide some good connections with many of the local farm communities to stimulate the growing of grains for malting.

This coming month we continue our work with Norges Vel (the Royal Norwegian society for development), as we concentrate on further developing the growing network in Norway, for the opportunity in developing malting quality grains for the local and regional markets. There are many key actors in this industry that should work together in partnership for the future growth of this valuable industry.

We are in the process of formalising our organisational structure and will continue to improve and develop our regional infrastructure for business growth. Linking the grain farmers in the value chain is of great importance and improving regional facilities for the storage of these grains will help initiate a restart to the Norwegian grains and malt industry.

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Norsk Håndverksmalt – Update (02.16)

With the project now in it last months for the cooperative and network development phase, we are now moving towards the development of our first malt houses in Norway. The last 2 months have seen a great deal of work with the team, concentrating efforts on the design and production aspects of these malt houses. Each region will have its own functional malt house and because of the varying local conditions each of the small plants will be different in capacity and design.

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Norsk Handverksmalt – Update (01.16)

I hope 2016 has stated well for you all and that you are enjoying the winter weather, if you are here in the Nordics!

As the new season approaches and we start to dream of spring coming early to warm our fields for this years crops, we have dedicated this update for our future growers and the Growers Guide 2016 – Version 1.0!
We have been working with IFBM (French Institute for Brewing and Malting) to finalise the results from our field trials in 2015 and will have all the data published in the next week or so. We will ensure this is made available to all who have interest.

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